Standard Maintenance

Almost all manufacturers require annual maintenance for safe and efficient operation of their fireplaces.  They also advise that maintenance and repair work be performed by a qualified technician.

Full Cleaning
Safety Inspection
Strictly Gas technicians are either NC licensed Gas Technicians or NC Fuel Piping Contractors.  
This means they are licensed and insured to do all things gas.

Insurance companies will not honor claims that are against a non-licensed contractor

Fireplace Repair

If you call for a non functional fireplace we can fix the problem.  We stay equipped with the necessary tools so that we can  have a fireplace up and running the same day of the appointment.  However, in some cases, replacement of fireplace parts are necessary.


A lot of research goes into selecting a fireplace that best meets the needs of a potential buyer. 

Most wood burning fireplaces can be converted into a gas fireplace with a little work.  They burn more cleanly than wood and has no ash build-up, sparks, or flying embers that could burn holes  in carpets and furniture.